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Shutters Made-to-measure Shutters will add a touch of style, sophistication and beauty to every room in your home. They're practical too - crafted to order from the finest materials and available in a range of wood stains and painted shades to suit your décor, they're durable and give complete control over light and privacy.

For flexibility, you can adjust the position of the louvres to let varying amounts of light in, choose a tier-on-tier style which lets you open the top set while keeping the bottom set closed for privacy, or open your Shutters altogether if you wish - they still look stunning when folded back against the wall

ShuttersVersatility of Shutters

Shutters from the Knightsbridge range are made from high-quality Western Red Cedar, an excellent timber both technically and aesthetically. Available in a choice of two oiled finishes, Knightsbridge Shutters are the perfect choice for a timeless, natural wood finish.

Our Richmond Shutters are made from basswood, a durable, high quality wood which shows the grain when stained yet gives a smooth finish when painted

Ascot Shutters are made from a lightweight hardwood, which produces an attractive grain that shows through even when painted.

Hampton Shutters are made from low density fibreboard which is durable but heavier than traditional timber options. However, they are the most affordable route to Shutter style. They are available in 3 neutral shades